About Our Natural Mineral Water

High in calcium and low in sodium

We supply South Downs water which is classified as a Natural Mineral Water. This is the top of tree in the water world – originating from a natural, protected and protected underground source. Naturally wholesome, without any treatment, South Downs Natural Mineral Water has a consistently stable composition and is bottled at source.

The prestigious “Natural Mineral Water” status is only granted to waters that are demonstrated to be free from pollution and are microbiologically safe to drink without treatment. We are proud to produce local mineral water which goes through no chemical or treatment processes before it reaches you.

Our Natural Mineral Water is filtered through the Chalk of the South Downs (Kingley Vale). Being a Natural Mineral Water nothing is added or taken away, as pure as nature intended. As such, it is naturally high in Calcium and low in Sodium.

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Our Composition

Technical Data


Our water is regularly tested to ensure that the high levels of purity are maintained.

South Downs Water is low in Sodium and has a pH value of 7.5
The officially recognised analysis of 31st July 1992: